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>As you may know, I direct the           program at           
>University. In the coming spring, my wife (       ), who is an
>art historian, 

hello hello

>will be teaching course entitled "     and Gender Theory."
>Sometime at the end of May, I will make a presentation in her class on
>what I know of your work, including nato, your fairly recent CMJ
>publication, your WWW site(s), etc.

>However, I'm wondering: If your schedule permits, would you be
>interested in "meeting," so to speak, with the class by                ?

likely feasible.

>(late May) I would think a 1/2 an hour or so would be sufficient -
>although more or less time is certainly possible. And I would make sure
>that the students are prepared with informed questions about your work.

may i be prepared with informed answers aussi +?

>For more background on       's interests (and hence the context of the
>class, please visit                                . She
>has links there to materials for the           and Gender theory class and a
>          Theory class that she also teaches.
>Hoping that this is of interest to you as I am sure that you would be a
>very interesting guest for the students.

i am very ultra boring.
there are 2 _good things i am _good for.
reading. sleeping.


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