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[Nettime-bold] ART-ACT Notes 28a

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0) New to ART-ACT Notes

1) New Art for ART-ACT II

2) New Art from UM-CAC's Founders
     Featuring Robert Wapahi and Tim Jackson

3) Take the Stockholm Challenge - THE international website contest

4) Web Site Developments
     The making of a community art site starts at home.

ART-ACT Notes is the electronic Newsletter of the "Anti-Racist T-shirt Art
Contest Tour" which is produced by the Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center. We
are an inner-city artist organized agency in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

We are working locally, but building a global artist forum in which people
every where can participate. ART-ACT Notes will allow you to follow our
progress as we grow our website and a "mountain of art" supporting diversity
and fighting hatred. Thanks for your eye.

Artists globally have submitted the following images on the theme of
"anti-racism" or "pro-diversity" since the last issue of ART-ACT Notes.

Andrey G. Gubin  -  Mix

Michael Tetievski  -  Untitled

 Michelle Williams  -  Stop Racism

Robert Wapahi - Board President & Tim Jackson - author/artist

Once volunteer webmaster put his art on our site the idea occured shortly
thereafter that it would be nice if the other members of our Board
(presently all artists) and of past Board Members who are artists should
have art posted on our site as well.

So, we present the work of our Board President - Robert Wapahi

Also, we honor Tim Jackson, Board Member, with a link to his great site
at which presents his cartoon art well and which
explores the History of African-American Cartoonists.



The City of Stockholm Sweden hosts the prestigious "Stockholm Challenge" - a
world-wide socially-relevant contest for on-line projects and agency
websites. Lars Malmsten, Project Search Coordinator of "The Stockholm
Challenge Award" e-mailed challenging us to apply.

The judges are an international sampling of Internet Who's-Who.

You, or others you know, may take the challenge at

We entered our international art contest - ART-ACT and have posted at our response to the questions the contest
asks as a sample for other writers. Writers for agencies taking the
Stockholm Challenge can find hundreds of additional responses from around
the world at the "Challenge" site above to jump start imaginations.

Deadline for on-line applications is April 1st, 2001.


As a result of writing the Stockholm Challenge, the next focus for our
website ( will be entering the art of our Founders. Over the
course of this coming year I hope to provide you, and our online visitors,
work by the many artists who have helped us along the way.

This change in direction is really just part of the process of translating
our essential nature - as a community art agency - onto a website -
overcoming our limited resources using the intrigue of our evolution as a
hook. We are staying close to what we know by sharing ourselves. A good
foundation starts at home.

; @  )

Chris Drew
 Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center   We dress Chicago and the
 Internet in t-shirt art.  Come get some! 773/561-7676

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