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[Nettime-bold] Transnational Activism and Problems of Democracy in East andSoutheast Asia

The following information was quoted from the website of
transnational communities.

Call for Papers to International Workshop:
Transnational Activism and Problems of Democracy in East and Southeast Asia

Processes of globalisation do not only involve purely economic aspects and
elite politics. Cross-border interaction between civil society actors ?
what might be called  $B!H (Bglobalisation from below $B!I (Bis another
important feature
of contemporary world politics that is receiving increasing attention by
scholars as well as the media and political decision-makers. When
organisations and social movements not only focus on the domestic or local
but also take action on a transnational level, transnational activist networks
emerge. Transnational activism challenges conventional understandings of civil
society and social movements as well as international relations.

Not much research has been done on this phenomenon in the East and Southeast
Asian context. Thus this workshop aims at filling an empirical gap by providing
an analysis of different forms of transnational activism in this part of
the world.
Theoretically, most research on transnational activism has focused on
and organisational aspects of transnational issue networks, without making
connections to wider issues of democracy and democratisation. This workshop
aims at
filling this gap by focusing on two broad aspects: 1) How processes of
might be related to the increase in transnational activism by providing new
opportunities. 2) The implications of transnational activism for problems
of democracy
on local, national as well as transnational levels. How is transnational
anchored democratically? A transnationalisation of politics put into
question the
assumed close connection between democracy and a sovereign nation state and
issues of citizenship and democracy on a transnational level.

We invite papers from academics and/or activists. Topics may include
different forms of
transnational activism ? for example related to environmental, human
rights, migration
and gender issues. We specifically encourage contributions on
anti-democratic and
reactionary forms of transnational activism. Of interest is also the impact of
transnational activism on regional institutions and bilateral negotiations.
studies of political opportunities for transnational activism under
authoritarian and more
democratic regimes are also particularly welcome.

Dr. Nicola Piper (NIAS, Copenhagen/Denmark),

Dr. Anders Uhlin (Sodertorns hogskola, Stockholm/Sweden),

Date and place of event:
14-15 September 2001 in Stockholm

Please send a paper proposal (not more than 400 words) to the organisers
not later than 1 May 2001.

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