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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> imho, another bad idea.


electronic panhandeling and techno-novelty spin

For cell phones the solutions are easy such as call display and volume
I can't imagine why people would be complain of novelties that probably won't

ever be used since they would interfere with essential services
I think most of these stores are used to try to spin interesting news
and maybe even badaid deflating tech stock prices.
As far as food that beep; To me a smart refrigerator is a quiet one.
I already know a lot of my coolies are out of date and need to be recycled
i's the noice my refrigerator makes that
keeps me more awake then the thoughts of spoiled veggies.
Aside from wireless and the ensuing debate,
I think the bulk of the tech future is mostly past, and pretty useful if you
can be satisfied with it.
I think the novelties are used to sell upgrades. I think applications for gps
could be useful but
people need to track their money befor they pull out their credit cards for
things they don't need.
There is still a lot of noise and it's after your wallet. My bet is that the
wallets are now closed and
the marketers and industry spin doctors know it.


Bill Spornitz wrote:

>  sounds more like electronic
> panhandling to me.
> atb
> Bill
> ed phillips wrote:
> >It makes no difference wether I want it or
> >you think it is "imho a bad idea". If it is attractive
> >to enough other people, it will invade your urban experience.
> >
> >Please give the culture critic an aspirin.
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