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[Nettime-bold] <nettime> example of what the CoS charges K of dollars

Here is an example of what the CoS charges hundreds of thousands of dollars
to learn.  It is reproduced under the FAIR USE PROVISIONS OF COPYRIGHT
CONVENTIONS.  I would like to provide you with the actual copyright
dates and registrations, but the CoS has so many front-groups and shell
organizations that it's not possible to do in this lifetime.  Hell, this
stuff *could* be in public domain, but I wouldn't bet on it.  Odds are
that this has been re-registered in the late 70s or early 80s and is
copyright by some CoS-affiliated organization.  My comments are in

                             OT V
                        Cause Over MEST
                   Gain Freedom from Fixated
                    Introversion into MEST

      For eons, man has speculated and guessed about the nature of the
physical universe. There have been many opinions and much discussion.
Even the modern physicist, with his many names and labels, is still in the
dark when it comes to how it got here and why. Before Scientology, the
exact truth about the MEST universe was lost, and the way out of the trap
unknown. Lies and misinformation had taken the place of the truth.

      In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard released Section V of the Operating Thetan
Course, the most powerful level released up to that time. On OT V you
learn the truth about the physical universe, not the laws of physical
scientists, but the basic considerations about Matter, Energy, Space and

      The tremendous power that this universe seems to have over thetans
resulting in entrapment, degradation and death, is traced to its source. As
you exteriorize from the physical universe at Section V, you discover
exactly what MEST is, and become free of its laws.

      At OT V, a being is refamiliarized as a thetan exterior with the
physical universe. OT drills are done to remarkably increase a being's
ability to communicate with his environment. He is now able to do so,
totally free of the mind and body, and free from fixated introversion into

      SOLO auditing on this level serves as an introduction to the
rehabilitation of his total abilities as a thetan. He learns to use his new
abilities as a thetan with wisdom and judgement

      Pre OT is to lie down in a comfortable position with eyes shut.

(1)   Spot a spot in the room
(2)   Spot a spot in Your body

      Alternate 1 and 2 until commands are flat then,

(3)   Spot two spots in Your body      (4) Spot two spots outside

      Alternate 3 and 4 until flat then,

(5)   Spot a spot outside              (6) Spot a spot on the sun

      (notice the distance between)

(7)   Spot two spots outside           (8)   Spot two spots on the sun

      (notice what happens.)

      The pre OT may exteriorize during these drills but doesn't necessarily
have to.

      While still inside with eyes shut in a comfortable position the pre OT
is to follow the following commands and write down any major cognitions.

(9) Spot an object in the room.          (10) Spot an object outside.
(11) Locate a moving object.
(12) Locate a spot in your body.
(13) Spot a motion.
(14) Locate a space.
(15) Spot a Thetan.

      Continue the above steps until major cognition, very good
indicators or exteriorization occurs.

[See Spot spot.  Spot, Spot, spot!  Has Spot spotted a spot?  Are you as
confused as I am?  This is the sort of data that Scientologist operatives
are illegally cancelling from Usenet.  There claim is copyright infringement
/ trade secret violation.  Somehow they've deluded themselves into thinking
that FAIR USE doesn't apply to their works.  As for the trade secret part,
this is like the ingredients to Coca-Cola.  The ingredients are listed on
the can, but the proportions and order of addition and just how that crap
is mixed together is the secret.  This stuff makes no sense whatsoever
without the one-on-one education that comes with your $300,000 investment.
In reading alt.religion.scientology I've learned what a Thetan purports
to be, but I still don't know what a spot is, or what the verb "to spot"
really means.  I don't know if this is in code, or if this is what the
"course material" is like.  I do know that without a guide you'd never
know what to do with it.]

      The following steps are done outside. The pre OT takes a paper and
pencil with him to take notes.

(1) The pre OT is to put his attention on an object that is ahead of him
like a parked car, lamppost, etc. and walk towards it noticing the distance
between him and it. He is to continue to do this until cognition.

(2) Next the pre OT is to again pick out an object ahead of him and
wrap an energy beam around it and himself and pull himself toward the
object with shortening of the beam.

      Notice what happens.

(3) Locate an Object, draw energy from it into you. Repeat at least ten

      Note any cognitions.

(4) Locate an Object as above and walk toward it. Notice what is
holding you to it.
(5) Notice a cloud and notice the space between you and it.
(6) Notice your body.
(7) Notice the motion of the earth and your relationship to it.
(8) Notice something about 10 people.

      Do all the above steps to a cognition.

NOTE: Originally it was not necessary to be exteriorized in order to do
OT V or VI. Recently however, it has been changed and the state of
exteriorization is supposed to be achieved by OT 4 thereby leaving OT V
and VI to be done white exterior.

[Creative visualization?  Depth-perception exercises?  Centering yourself
at the heart of an uncaring, unfeeling universe?  Your guess is as good
as mine.  Is this worth $300,000?  I doubt it.]

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