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[Nettime-bold] \/\ nn buletin : nn wants to rent you

        \/\ nn.buletin - quo! +?

            Netochka Nezvanova has been appointed Director of leaves + petals
            at the ultra prestigious Steim Institute -

            Netochka Nezvanova will be departing on 01 elongated vacation
            shortly - 0+0 emotional + technical support shall take place
            during the vacation. I cannot be bothered.


ade <>

>nn wants to rent your body.
>She believes that in the future, you wont need your own body, you'll 
>just hire a more appropriate one for the task in hand.
>This requires intimate familiarity with the other self - the invading 
>self ('I enclose my body and say: "This is mine"' propogates this 
>notion of the self being enclosed within one body, she uses you to 
>extend her_self_).
>This works as far as nn is concerned, because her mind is outside her 
>body (it is sitting in the audience, taking notes). The host body 
>requires little to no intimacy. "I am following your cues" it says.
>nn is known for her attitude, reinforced with every burst of 
>propaganda and at every public appearance. Again, this reinforces 'the 
>self' being attached to (any) body. I wonder, does her attitude extend 
>beyond her body? [+01_ultra_krash.png] - maybe.
>Let's introduce _code_. Code used to be a formalisation of processes 
>in the days when execution was predictable. Not any more. Code has 
>attitude. Code behaves. Code misbehaves. [+01_ultra_krash.png]
>Extend your self with code. There is no 'body' any more. Code carries 
>on long after the body expires. My code is me. I am my code. 
>Double-click me. Execute me. Use me.
>My code speaks for me. You dont need me to stand on stage and demo my 
>code. You dont need me to explain my code, because that's what the 
>(F1|Help) key is for.
>Through my code I will be immortal, but will have no body (big deal). 
>nn will get through endless host bodies until she runs out. Which 
>would you rather do?

m! bod! = u!tr dzn urz. ! = ut!l!sz ultra lux.

>lv+. aw

beaut!fl k!sz

>Attachment converted: m9ndfukc.m!:_ultra_krash.png (PNGf/ogle) (00001502)

        and - closing the synaptic gap [synapse - greek for juncture
                - hence the juncture gap - protoplasmic kisses which seem to
                                constitute the final ecstasy of an epic
love story
                                        - the ethereal kiss which involves
no contact]


Netochka Nezvanova     - r!ch.bored.edukated.all dolled up for autumn
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