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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> a pasion for internet statistics

Well!  Geert you could have done it yourself: I asked Laurent Jesover,
"webmaster of Attac", about this. His answer is that this compilation of
facts and numbers is published on discussion lists, not on the weekly 'grain
de sable', and is aimed at giving to the international crowd of Attac
activists a sense of who's doing what, what kind of acxtivities there are on
the lists -- because no one, I guess, could follow each and every Attac
mailing-list: I've tried once, at the very beginning :)

(As you can see I'm reading nettime with 2 months delay, so reading
Attac-lists was indeed not for me.)

-- Fil
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@ geert lovink ( :
> [Every month the french attac newsletter publishes the internet statistics
> of their website, mailinglists and work groups. I am sort of puzzled by this
> extravagant transparency. Why bother subscribers of your newsletter with all
> these data every month? Perhaps they want to share their pride about their
> evergrowing global network? Or is this a case of French burocracy? Perhaps
> one of the insiders in French (online) culture could tell us more about the
> cultural forces behind this great data passion. /geert]
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