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At 01:12 PM 7/03/01 +0100, kuni wrote:
>anyway, well, I have to admit the hormonal status
>of the artists themselves was not my point --
>maybe it was more the hormonal status of
>the discussion) in general
>... which is, again, not _that_ directly
>related to the biological
>sex of those participating in the discussion
>on going on here...
>even if one might trace something like that
>between the lines...

hey kuni,

r u re.fur.ring 2 the powah stratification that has
doppel][dubble][gangered itself here ][from rt][? i find he same ol same ol
layered][ting][uation of traditional hierarchical codes and winks
here as elsewhere.....those alpha a types d-termined 2 promote N create a
masta race of cloned university-corn-fed academes d-pendent on theory
slices & grandiose proclamations with no ch][r][e][ne][wable creative or
x.pressionistic substance......

       .u can almost smell the history books rubbing 2gether.


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