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[Nettime-bold] mutated spooky fish

reading brian carroll's fishing expedition (
reminded me of one of my own a few years ago.

i was working for the environment protection agency in south australia, and
was researching the effects of the herbicide glyphosate on frog populations,
when it is used to control weeds on the verges of streams and creeks. 

glyphosate is produced by monsanto, a lovely company, under the name of roundup(c).

as part of my research i sent an email to a number of newsgroups (this was 1994
or 1995) requesting information from researchers around the world. 

as well as their responses, i received an email from monsanto in the usa demanding
to know why i was researching this, and what i was planning to do with the data.
shortly thereafter i was contacted by the australian marketing nob of monsanto
for a meeting, at which he bluffed and smokescreened and made veiled threats.

i'll probably get a phone call from this!!

very spooky



ben moretti

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