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>dear kuni 
>>...because, I mean: real and esp.
>>true (that is: the context you named above)
>>definitely was (and is) more or less 
>"men only"?                               "women only"

> is 50% female
> is 50% female.
>nn is hypothetically 100% female.

nn = 100 prozent leavez + petalz

>or is it ignorant? +?

>best regards

free regards

>Want free email? 


kuni <>

>[to be frank: 

du = kan b frank an! t!me u l!ke kun!

>personally, I believe
>that not only any true piece of,
>but also all true net.artists are 100% female
>-- even those who do not know about that so far
>and are spending their public, sometimes
>even their private life as male
>impersonators to make sure they succeed in
>the art world... some even get
>married and/or pretend to have children
>with their female partners ;-))]
100 prozent grl.vr!!endl!

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