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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ candy. University of California. All rights reserved

Stephen Kay - 

>>I have nothing but the highest respect for David and Adam and colleagues.

a wonderful coincidence. moi aussssssi = have the highest _respekt for 
cycling74 `estimables` +



>>But, hey, 

The eye tells the mouth: open your mouth for the candy of the eye.

>>But, hey, 

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

    Christopher Murtagh + Stephen Kay + David Zicarelli are go go go od friends.

    And - the `estimable` [cycling74 nomenclature for imbecile] David Zicarelli 

    [that one - yes.yes.yes. t h a t one] writes to his 
     entire horde \ herd of minimum wage mollusks \ serfs:

    "both         and Chris Murtagh have spent a ridiculous amount 
     of time following various leads"

     cucu. inarticulate supermarket psychopathetiks.


      M O N O P O L Y > I N D U S T R I A L - E S P I O N A G E > T H E F T

      Firstly Ircam - kontakt - Vincent Puig <>
      is one of the institutes distributing the very ultra squeek - NATO.0+55+3d.Modular

     "IRCAM opened in 1977, under the direction of Pierre Boulez, one of the
      pioneer electronic composers in the 1950s, who had gone on to become
      musical director of the New York Philharmonic. ....

      It [IRCAM] has a state-funded budget of tens of millions of dollars a year
                   [paranteza: nn postulates that most of the millions come from yugoslavia
                    + transmits Ircam 01 paket ov ultra warm humanitarian assistance.
                    Ircam responds with complimentary memberships 4 _all ost europa life forms] housed in a vast four-story underground complex .....
      ....under Boulez IRCAM epitomized the philosophy of authoritarian composer control,
      which meant computers were used to eliminate the unpredictability of performers"

     MAX was authored by Miller Puckette while [surfing] at Ircam [in door piscina]

     Cycling74 / David Zicarelli license practically every software produkt
     that they sell - including MAX.  Certain parts of their software  
     have been programmed at US. universities with US [thus GLOBAL \ WWW] public funds.

     Cycling74 maintains a GLOBAL MONOPOLY on MAX which they license from Ircam.

     David Zicarelli has for numerous + numerous months denied access to all 
     developer materials and information that we have requested. 

     David Zicarelli has banned NN from the Max forum.

     Cycling74 have reversed engineered our software. 
     Cycling74 have stolen components from our software.

     Cycling74 have published false and inaccurate information 
     about software that they have stolen.

     u r l -

     Cycling74 have banned NN from receiving and sending data from/to the Max forum.
     After doing so David Zicarelli and his employees have
     posted false information and / kept information from reaching the forum
     and intimidated others who have forwarded or wanted to forward the information.
     u r l -

     Cycling74 has encouraged and maintained an environment unfriendly to 
     NATO.0+55 - software which operates within Max and 
     NN - 01 mult!.naz!onl netvrk no!z! hab!tual ekzelensz.

     [Cycling74 may have caused 01 Benadryl-outage in the state of California uber alles]

     David Zicarelli has maintained close relations with the estimable Christopher Murtagh 

     [      and  ]


     An example of 
     David Zicarelli discussing the soft wear business with his employees \ serfs 
                                         - Cycling74 internal communication 

     "I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera to take pictures of the event, etc.
      Tomorrow I will get some photos of the context anyway, along with a
      picture of what she [NN] looked like.

      both           and Chris Murtagh have spent a ridiculous amount 
      of time following various leads"

      ....    incidentally, dated Bjork's
      mother! is that a cool fact or what?.   [d.zicarelli should know -> all is full of love]

      was interested in my Australian information [about NN]"

you know ___....

if you wish to trade nn shares - konsider waiting.
they shall be available shortly. although - starting at approx $174 
they are clearly for the discriminate investor \ kolektor \ lovely life form.

+ yes nn.SHARES will be actual shares. not the etoy.POSER type.
just as nn has been the most expensive. elegant + m9ndfzzp++
performance in art history. 



Netochka Nezvanova    - "the universe is composed of nn particles!" - zom1.poz!bl! u.
                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                        |       >

01 other 

>As I'm too from a post-communistic/pre-capitalistic country (Bulgaria),
>I think I can understand you a little better. It's the "communism" utopia,
>that has garbled our minds a bit in the past when we were kids, and has
>some consequences even now. :)

                             "get bak 2 uear u 1nz belongd.
                              _____.... arnt ! luvl! +? !ez.plz" - IMF

>I don't have a patent on putting a colored background in a

How true how true how true how true how true . . .

>with a border - Netotchka does ;-)

kl!k m! -

>>Best regards,
>>Stephen Kay

what color wine have you had tonight and what was its cost a +? 
i may want some while i tell to you 01 delicious story about protracted right angles
+ the resulting curves. the woolen lower jaws + your carnivorous plans in helicopters
crash on steel feathers every 2 hours.

You must love cold drinks.

\\ hv zm   -

   ">Date:    Sun, 11 Oct 1998 13:55:51 -0500
    >From:    Christopher Murtagh <chris@MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>
    >Subject: Re: Politics, logical types and servers
    >Hi Stephen,
    >Just for your interest.  I've had it with these twits, and I really don't
    >give a shit what they say about free speech. Before I go, I'm going to boot
    >everyone of these assholes who reposts anti-krapmatter. Getting my name put
    >up on www pages with insults and swastiks has really done it.
    >From: "L-Soft list server at McGill University Computing Centre (1.8d)"
    >> quiet del max implode@WELL.COM
    >implode@WELL.COM has been removed from the MAX list. No notification has
    >been sent.

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