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[Nettime-bold] Mayor Jim Baca of Albuquerque

Subj:    Re: The Genius 2000 Video First Edition
Date:   3/5/2001 10:02:00 PM Central Standard Time
From:   mayor@cabq.gov
To: Nmherman@aol.com

an apology is not needed....I just wondered if it were tongue in cheek!

Jim Baca


I'm happy to hear you were not offended or irritated.  But yes, most of my 
attempts to promote my group's ideas are tongue in cheek.  The video however 
is a quite serious attempt to improve the democratic, non-partisan, 
non-denominational discussion of our nation's deepest values.  We neither 
advocate nor discourage any particular set of beliefs; rather, we recognize 
the urgent need for all people--here in the U.S. and in other nations--to 
peacefully discuss what we call "hostilities of belief" and resolve them in a 
tolerant and forward-looking manner.

I have already sent nearly a hundred copies of the video to various artists, 
scholars, writers, and public figures.  If you wish to ask a third party 
opinion of the tape you may contact Alex Galloway (alex@rhizome.org) of the 
highly respected digital art site Rhizome.  And if you decide you'd like to 
see the tape (nothing obscene or offensive except mild profanity) I will be 
more than happy to send you one.  (Jesse Ventura has one, and so does Matthew 
Mirapaul of the New York Times!)

Best regards,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
ps--Alex, please post to Raw

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