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[Nettime-bold] Venice, an option


I will try to be brief and clear (8 words to many)

Even thought I didn't post much in the last years some nettimers might
remember my name. I am writing to offer something:

### A Mistery Preambule ###
As is possibly obvious from the net.art history thread these weeks, there is
a direct link between net.art and nettime. Good. What is also super.obvious
is the low customer satisfaction with history as we wrote it. Bad.

### Slowly Approaching the Point ###
In this year's Venice Biennale the Slovenian pavillion is somehow containing
the works of Vuk Cosic, my beautiful self, a renowned net.artist, oh so
In order to shed some quality light on net.art, I have decided to curate a
paralel show where I have invited some people you all might know. The desire
is to contextualize my shit. (Irena and I call the show 'Net.art Per Me')
There will be a book to accompany all that, and I thought of connecting the

### Maybe Really the Point (Where the Dots Connect)###
It somehow seams logical to me to suggest to the brave Nettime community to
remember the capital habit of printing stuff every once in a while.
I am having a new reader in mind, and am calling it 'Users Digest'.
How about that?

### Technicalities to Foster Ambitious Behaviour ###
The book will contain
1) the catalogue of Vuk Cosic and Tadej Pogacar (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.) pavillion
2) the catalogue of the other show (alexei, rtmark, heath, 01010101...,
jodi, tom jennings, vinylvideo, vuk)
3) seed texts and possible debate on few neurotic or neuralgic topics
4) (if we find the workable model) the Nettime reader

The tech spec are as follows:
Publisher: Castelvecchi Editore (known for that fake Bey by Blisset, also
did the Etoy book)
No of pages of the Nettime reader: 120 pages in English, then triplicated by
Languages: English, Italian and Slovenian
Timeline: rightaway! Designer should get English in a week or two.
Translator too.
The thing will be part of a larger volume but separated with a front page of
it's own.

### More Precisely ###
Anybody interested in this? Usual suspects? Please give me a buzz ASAFP, and
let's see.
Would also like to see what might be the community opinions on the option.

### Nostalgia for Oldnettimers ###
Could meet in front of Teatro Malibran for a drink.


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