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This is merely a hello message to everyone receiving this email by Max Herman.

I have recently heard that Plato has been seriously misinterpreted by the 
academic philosophical community, in favor of Aristotle.  This problem is 
explained in a new book by the Platonist faculty at the University of 
Wisconsin at Madison.  Hence Aristotelianism suffers in manifest regard.

Anyone watch the Simpson's, where Homer goes on his hunger strike, says he 
has "Christ-like" sensations?  Duff Man even falls in on the side of the 
winner.  Then we hear "the Mayor of Albequerque."

So, by interpretation alone, we must write to the Mayor of Albeqerque and ask 
to "Tell the Truth About the Video."  I'll send him a free copy of the Genius 
2000 Video First Edition, discussed but not sold at 

Chris Carter will be receiving one soon; Howard Zinn already has.  So has 
Steve Dietz of the Walkerart.org, but he simply refuses to comment.  At all.  

Also:  It has come to my attention that certain of my online art has been 
declared "inappropriate content" in at least one instance.  I recommend that 
all those with an interest in preserving Network content save as many url 
files and emails as they are able.  

But I think the lessons of the Simpsons tonight are obvious and easily saved 
by the Mayor of Albequerque giving hs opinion on the First Edition.  It is a 
perfect instance of Plato's superiority to Aristotelian convention.  

Down with Aristotle, the Architect of Convention!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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