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[Nettime-bold] Nortel DMS500 , (2) ECI DTX 240E 's and 900 pair cable for Sale !

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Dear Sir or Madam,
			I have available immediately some very interesting telecommunications equipment for sale  . These are ready to ship and have been professionally deinstalled .I ask that you answer to this email with any prelininary questions ,but certainly you may feel free to call if you like .The units available are ;

(1)-Nortel DMS500/GSP model (11,904 w/9,888 e DS-O Supernode Port Module)
 70BM processor ,128k ENET,LLP,16-LIU's for SS7 signaling,2-EIU's for ethernet -based switch interface
**** 2 years old ,dissasembled and in crates ready to ship
*	One year warranty remaining from manufacturer   
*	Right to use software and updates or patches to current versions !!!
*	Company has gone bankrupt,which has made this available .
This System can be purchased at about 58 and 1/2 cents on the dollar of the original purchase price !! More detailed specs are available .

(2)-ECI Telecom DTX-240E Basic Terminal with 2 MB DLIE trunk interface card,2 MB DLIE Bearer interface card ,redundant power supply ,operator station hardware and software .Original invoice available .These Systems (2) can be purchased at about 55  cents on the dollar of the original purchase price.Original invoice and detailed specs are available .

(5,171 Feet)-Essex 900 Pair-22AWG 89 direct buriable cable .This item presently sells at around $13.00 per foot and can be purchased at $10.25 .There are 10 reels making up this total amount and  specifications are available .

* If you would like specifications sent to you ,please send me your fax number and request the specifications for which product you are interested in .

Thank you,
Paul J. Milea jr 
Wing N' A Prayer Excess Property
3504 James Street
Syracuse,New York ,USA 13206

phone (315) 374-1560
fax (315) 463-4337