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[Nettime-bold] anarcho-stalinist ascendency

Hell-oh nettime-l subscribers
I am Brigette foreign sec to the l.i.....forgive my grammar and phrasing but 
ironically I'm shitting myself .....literally joke you see a 
renegade faction has taken the ascendant star from the old leadership in a 
platform developed by the newly entrist tacticians in the  fedavi section (a 
front of the O.T.O.) tragically we had all severely underestimated there 
strength and subsequently this has opened the way for a maverick called Tony 
Casserole complete with  his psychotic anarcho-stalinist infantilism  (a sort 
of  jimmy tarbuck meets pol-pot type of vibe ) to  turn  against the old 
leadership.....Bubba and Mimi are vanquished -as per che and ceaucescu - and 
sissy got raided under the new stalking laws (he was obviously targeted  by 
the new rump )and was threatened by special branch that if he didn't take the 
chat room facility off the he would be prosecuted.....he was badly 
shaken and in fear for his life as they provided no 'good' cop for the 
session just 2 mo'fuckin bruisers.....shit they never even heard of a 
literary device ,semiotics or the situationists.It defeats the purpose a bit 
but the initial detournement of the alcholics anonymous x-tian recovery 
project and samaritan  pathos will be left as an aborted link (still as per 
draft)and act as a monument to the establishments stupidity and reliance on 
LINKS INTACT (THAT much WAS CLEAR IN THE successful  MOTION but all future 
releases should be disregarded and viewed as suspect as Casserole will be 
taking over.I'm rattling this off to you just as the dogs -  trained in 
isolation and hashed up as per usual-are hammering on the office door I gotta 

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