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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Fury at ICANN/ VeriSign over .org domains

> here is the story in short. icann/ verisign will had over
> the .org domain management to another organization.
> that will check if the registrant is a non-profit organisation.
> this probably will cause lot's of people losing there
> .org domains. loads of personal homepages of for example
> artists that have their domains for years will loose
> there domainname to non-profit orgazations that just
> enter the internet.

oddly enough, there is also no parallel proposal to make .com addresses for
example, to actually be a real incorporated-for-profit company where the
name has some actual relation to the incorporated name, or for .net
addresses to be actual networks. they are just picking on .org because
business interests want to eliminate 'competition' in the name space.


autonomous organisation

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