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>dearest NN and friends. u've touched some strings of the soul that i considered 
>to be mine for all my life until today. i'm not so sure anymore if my soul is mi
>ne. now, i don't believe in what xtians call soul of in what buddhists call soul
>. soul is a symbol (c!mball in obsfucated lettering), c!mball of something that 
>my mind feels but cannot explain highlevelly - the origin of my wantings and des
>all konflikts that happens inside of me i understand now - there's no inside, th
>ere's just several mes, none of which is essentially real me. their companionshi
>p is what i feel being me, as well as their anticompanionship. trying to ellimin
>ate some of them by raising particular one as Real Me i just distorted the whole
> that is a combination of parts, not hierarchical but networkal.
>thank you for enlightenment, nn. 
>tot ziens.
>On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 12:49:45PM +0100, wrote:
>>     \/\ LETZ B!OZKULPT!!!!!!  -


uat doez 01 akt!vat uen 01 = haz zmakd dze .b!o + .b!t +?
je ne sa!s paz.

phpz = draun 01 ducat! !n 01 lake a +?
je ne sa!s paz.

tell m! uat 2 do.



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