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[Nettime-bold] `intense resonance strick a cord or or or or or or or `


>i admire yr staunch defense in regards 2 the unfair selection, but this
>type of thing goes on all the time [it shouldn't i know]....take the
>trAce/AltX Hypertext comp, the shortlisted entries where pre-picked by the
>directors of both trAce and Alt-X and then given 2 the judge to chose the
>winner...this fact was not made public 2 the competitors...also, in this
>years Maid In Cyberspace festival the reasons they gave as 2 my
>non-n.clusion were very unsatisfactory and verging on the non-professional
>[this after them sending me a rejection letter with another arists name on
>it], and boiled down to:
>>"There was therfore
>>not intense criticism of it as it failed to strick a cord or resonance
>>whithin us. That's all I can say."


>[a direct quote from the curator, typos and all].
>so i guess this type-o][negative][ thing is rampant throughout the
>artworld. 10 points for trying to combat it.



teor!e: current situatie = lifed by the education + intelligence 
of art critics etc = 01 amalgam of buffoons most kompetent in the fine art
of the traveling circus [konference hoping] where they regurgitate the most 
unfortunate + uneventful of data 
so as to collect their destitute fee [kompassionat smile]

fortunately some of them are professors at occident uniz. [that makes me very ultra giddy]


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