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[Nettime-bold] Senior Technoculture Position - UC Davis

Ye leaders of the net art world-

Perhaps the members of your list or associates would be interested in the
following academic opening.  The background of the opening can be partially
gleaned by visiting our website http://technoculture.ucdavis.edu, more by
contacting me. I would not let the review date dissuade inquiry or
submission. Anyone else should feel free to further circulate this notice.
Thanks, Willard

                       IN TECHNOCULTURAL STUDIES

         Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
                    University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis invites applications and nominations for
the Director of the Center for Technocultural Studies, a new UC Davis
interdisciplinary educational center with an emphasis on creative research
and teaching at the intersections of the arts, humanities, and technology.
The mission of this center will include interventions and investigations in
the social, political, cultural and artistic implications of technology for
our rapidly globalizing world. Four general subareas of research are
envisioned: Digital Studies; Hypertext-Hypermedia Studies; Program in Visual
Culture, and a Program in Artistic Intervention and Resistant Responses. The
Director will oversee development of new undergraduate and graduate programs
in technocultural studies, will provide direction and planning for
multimedia facilities and studios, and will develop a strong public presence
for the Center. Responsibilities will include curriculum and faculty
development, fund raising, and the development of partnerships with
innovators in the digital arts, media and industries as well as research and
teaching. The Center will complement existing programs in the Division of
Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies [HARCS], and provide a bridge between
HARCS and the social sciences, engineering, sciences and agriculture. The
position will be a senior appointment and requires a Ph.D., MFA, or
equivalent, a record of strong scholarly or artistic accomplishment and
evidence of a sustained commitment to interdisciplinary research and
collaboration. This appointment has a beginning date of September, 2001.
Send inquiries (including letter of interest, vita, and names and contact
information of references) to:

Search Committee
Director of Technocultural Studies
c/o Department of Art and Art History
One Shields Ave.
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616

Review of materials will begin February 28, 2001 and continue until the
position is filled.

The University of California is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

for more information:
Willard Uncapher, Ph.D. / Associate Director (interim)
Center for Technocultural Studies & Arts Vision Initiative
c/o Dept of Art & Art History, One Shields Ave.
Univ. of Ca at Davis, Davis, California 95616 USA
of:(530)754-7208 / mailto:wuncapher@ucdavis.edu

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