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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Privatisation of Government Services

Additionally, on past evidence, this kind of problem seems more likely to occur
when public utilitiies have been privatised than when they are still in public
hands - I don't know whether it's due to greed, an inability to look past next
quarter's bottom line, a lack of a notion of public service, or just plain
penny-pinching stupidity.

We've had a number of these incidents (mostly non-fatal except for the Victorian
experience with an emergency services' vehicle routing system) in Australia.


Bill Spornitz wrote:

> As well, the government of the Province of Ontario has been on a
> track of *neo-liberal* privatisation for several years - wouldn't the
> *Walkerton Tragedy* (as it's been called) be a result of the
> weakening of the role of government in these critical social welfare
> issues? It seems to me, in this case, if the government were playing
> a stronger role it would be in its place to negate the effects of
> such *enlightened self interest*.
> Bill
> >  > From:  Tom Gray@MITEL on 12/21/2000 08:54 AM
> >>  For those concerned with the ongoing privatisation of government services
> >>  and its effect on the democratic control of such services, the following
> >>  link  is to a story on the current controversy in Canada on the water
> >>  supply of  the village
> >
> >Ok, I'll bite... what does this story have to do with privatization?  It
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