Bill Spornitz on 30 Dec 2000 01:38:17 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> STOP THE INANITY

What a clever ruse! For, I know, *Tom Sherman*, that you and your 
words are no more than bits and bytes - semi-coherent American 
Standard Code for Information Interchange generated in some 
automagical siliconal alchemy, for my and only my amusement... 
Pretending to be real! Ha! Little letters on my screen, and nothing 
more... there's *more gravy than grave* to you, I'm sure.

But don't stop, please - I paid thousands of Canadian pesos for this 
crappy half-designed abortion of a machine, and the rants and raves, 
the whinging, the duck-butter shot spots on the screen are the only 
thing of value I've found in it... please: more, please...

( ;-> )

>Stop the inanity, please.  I'm being buried with meaningless crap.  Crap
>generated for no good reason, by people going through the motions. 
>Either they're under the illusion they're being productive by issuing
>personal statements on absolutely everything, or they're convinced they're
>actually bigger, more important people, because they're leaving their mark
>far and wide...
>... Like an unsuccessful attempt to scratch out an itch,
>the transmission process amounts to nothing more than a persistent,
>relentless manifestation of presence, mere proof of existence, a vaguely
>self-affirming pulse, a bare-bones signifier of survival...  A form of
>cranky S.O.S., a psychological Mayday...
>Tom Sherman

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