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[Nettime-bold] etoy.SHAREHOLDERS

Vote "No" in the upcoming etoy.GENERAL-MEETING. "No Confidence" in the

etoy.ZAI has launched a dirty smear campaign against etoy founder member 
hans_extrem, now of ubermorgen.com (also kubrick.org &
dplanet.org). However, this new action seems little more than a personal
VENDETTA that is likely to bring about the demise of etoy.

etoy.ZAI wants you to believe that this new battle is analagous to the
famous TOYWAR action against eToys.com. etoy.SHAREHOLDERS are being asked
to raise funds to prosecute ubermorgen and hans_extrem "to the maximum
extent under the law" for alleged abuse of the etoy.BRAND.

hans_extrem is an avant-garde net.artist and maverick businessman who uses
the experience he gained as an active etoy.MEMBER to benefit his twilight
strategic consultancy ubermorgen.com.

etoy.ZAI's actions are alienating etoy from the digital community and
damaging the brand more than any of the aleged abuses committed by

The currency of any digital brand, credibility and grass roots support, is
being lost.

etoy.SHARE value will plummet if etoy.ZAI continues with this VENDETTA...
fighting a battle that is impossible to win. This is real damage.

We should support each other... not sue each other. Vote NO.

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