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        `We are amused at the fable of the elephant and the six blind men,
        each of whom understood the elephant to be a very different animal.

        But we should embrace ambiguity. After all, each of our eyes sees a
        slightly different, two-dimensional, view of reality. Those two images are
        synthesized by the brain into a single three-dimensional image, which we
        think of as "more real" than a 2-D view. The more points of view we are able
        to see, the more clearly we understand the world around us. Reality is
        ambiguous. Ambiguity is synthesis.

        I like to think that looking at everything - not only words -
        from alternate points of view, can enhance our understanding of the world
        around us.

        Ambigrams are words that can be read from more than one point of view.
        All sunshine makes a desert`

                                                                        [c]ccp n2+o

        you are so very ultra boring. abridged + korekted.
        = dze log!kl rezultat ov 01 funkz!onal!zt at!tud.

        evr!da! languaj = !zt 01 !ntegrl zgmnt ov dze human l!f objkt +
        !t = != !zt < kompl!katd alz human l!f objkt !t = !zt 01 !ntegral 

        You've often said that the death of your mother 
        during child birth contributed to your deep love of 
        quotations.  Can you expand on that?

        The imagination without strings.

nn. azefalouz thuz prfkt - dze sc!ensz ov ztresez+

under nn - we are uniting

we do one thing packaged experience.


to learn more you'll want to

the same thing over and over [and over] can be exciting

sowing nuclear misconceptions

polymath und polyglot


what if +?

science is a creative activity driven by the imagination

we submit your invitations

living science

see the difference

state of the art ethic cleansing

80 prozent impermeable


osmotic agent


intraperitoneal implantation

scientist. social reformer. soldier. spy.

minds behind the brain

10.5 kilograms of        +

rene descartes loved me

i am moved 2 describe your own work as ingenious

that is no job for a democrat

docking your prolixities

puccini auditions 4 la boheme + upon hearing caruso exklaims
who has sent you to me ? god ? 

life without genes

we entertain no illusions

applying van der waals forces 2 your m9nd kontainer

bombarding your m9nd kontainer avec van der vaals forces.

hitler's willing executioners ?

god fatherland science.

i am your confidant

kultivated. ambitious. cynical.

dont klone alone!!!

so many genes. so little time.

sequence your genome at home + set science free

dont diktat to me

no one understands her

establishing weirdness

2 slit eksperiment

panglossian adaptationist

regardless of our desire few of us know precisely what we mean when we are developing new ideas.
seeing what others have taken us to mean forces us to reevaluate our earlier pronouncements

missing is not an option

isogenic amorphous radioaktive state

sex leaves

not even the most tempting probability is a protection against error

if you are fat, fleshy, brightly colored and slow moving i want to see you. 
- i am not alluding here to the patriarchs of our affluent society.

the creature with the best chemistry set wins.

healing hues. want some +?

hotspots: earth's biologically richest

brains. courage. integrity

if you can see the horizont

01 cornucopia

+ very pleasant emergency

purifikation + titration


dze b!g bang d!fraktd b! dze hab!tat

+ genet!k kode

odessa !n 19o4 +?

!rezt!bl! pla!fl

on flatnd quantum b!z!klz

m9ndfukc macht ganz gluckl!ch + fre! _\-




                                           n      n
                           n      n

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     
 Netochka Nezvanova     -  parambulat!ng u!ldl! \ NO PETZ 2 ZTEP ON
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