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[Nettime-bold] Era Communication

i collect the brain of the hydro-mania that goes up in flames to the okama
fiber of 0101 muscle fleshy substances.....the machinary horizon of the
cadaver-city is inoculated.....mars of boy_roid that contaminated it to the
insanity of a chromosome=emotional! womb area machine.....that exploded.
form.....the absent-minded continent of FUCKNAM and gene=TV. [vital
junk.....the entrails emotion that revolve the house of them so, are
input----:vital-plug A "splendid sex-motion..... of ToKAGE. the despair
without the base that the planet links et cetera of god of which
conceived......" toward the limit of the nerve of the small brain cells
grief that invade the control system of the self-destructive...chaos that
beat to the gravity of the parasitism person cerebrospinal fluid of this
cadaver city that link the entrails emotion of a dog in the over there of
the desert where do mimicry to the gimmick form living body that a girl
shines the boundless solitude of the mass of flesh that distorted it
function by the time it is complicated::i love each other.
......the masturbation of the cadaver city that made enlarged it to the mass
of flesh regulation, speed of boy_roid that were beaten to "the nerve gas of
the rat+it joints to the crazy body of the miracle, ant that
disappeared.....the corpse of a dog does traffic.....the vital
feti-technology that dried. it does the brain-synapse of the girl that takes
shit guerrilla.....
::the rape-guy of the womb area machine it is the software of the desire
that restrains.......the body-system of the self dismantlement=storage
drug-embryo of the eddy clone-dive speed of the parasitism that expands was
caused the intonation of hydromachine:fuck! the nude brain!
"a simple nightmare is break down so.....
"cadaver-city network......of yourself"
hydromachine of the fuck-guy distorts it to the malice of the brain of the
dog that was rearranged gene=TV......that was left.....the solitude of a
cadaver cancel the machinary murder plan, nerve script of the angel that
function so and the continent where artificial sun was connected boy_roid of
existence=of=saliva with...........input the reality that is possible
escape. zero gravity------of the NDRO fear=cell

the god of et cetera=the beat of rave-space//myself that escapes the welding
of the chromosome that cuts the body of a dog possible.....specimen 1/8 seconds the living body it fills. >>to the torture device of
the internal organ consciousness that was able to heat. it becomes nude
(......of it is pure input:.) warmLevel.
in the nerve area of boy_roid where dismantled the [VTR] self that sneaks
into the body of that is the hole of sex-lobotomy->techno-junkies and be
parasitic.....the grief brown spot osmoses.....the atrocious world of a
larva. to++++the storage of SM of myself that i am lost in wild fancies of
be hydro-maniac body mode..... of murder-memory_myself. i invade the optic
nerve of boy_roid of the screw bare feet of the internal organ that resolves
the second number of existence:the body of an ant separately. --dog
silence=of to the body of the drug embryo that was collected the pictures
that do it her medium sex-rebellion the runaway of the paradise that
breeds=it does mimicry to meat.....

different vital+dive.....murder program.....that was replicated. it dashes
with the storage that cadaver city was disillusioned so:the womb area
machine of a dog i rape the techno entrails emotion of a girl in <second
when i was murdered>.....a cold-blooded disease!? of i caused to lurk code
that weakened like a larva.

[rotates. fuck. chromosome of insanity of it is heavy i escape
sincerely.....the beam that scratches off the brain of TOKAGE:BABEL animal
nude reality that makes the living body of the sun, road gusyagusya! 80% of
existence are stored, to gene=TV that strikes and boy_roid broke]
the mass of flesh of the pig function! world.....where it was restrained to
the cool desire of the artificial sun. of:speed measured was being covered
the love:the internal organ of TOKAGE that that emotion was
digested.....burn up to the stout storage of vital chromium it is
placenta.....of the scalpel dog. the boundless picture of the cadaver-city
so--the medium of the desert--penetrates. the existence=party! the pituitary
game of murder! the indecent genome of a nude=homosexual-guy is
flooded.....i tie this love-the asphalt that recorded a vital=traffic jam
""so.....rigidity.....of the city. cadaver circuit.....of feti. the emotion
of the drug nature of the rabbit-guy functions cruelly. chaos=orbit.....of
an embryo. rave in the carcinogenic continent of a dog.....assimilate it to
the speed of nervous system! rape the soul/gram of yourself! quantum
theory.....of TOKAGE. cyber edge.....
internal organ periphery department myself in the night does the nude
plug.....crime-electron board.....that was transplanted. controlling masses
of flesh to the brain of the girl that filled the insanity of a chromosome i
shut out it to external.....
the code 3m.
i torture it to the internal organ consciousness of the dog that revolves
the house of to road. right brain of monochrome that do cadaver-feti the
artificial-sun of yourself the cruel horizon of boy_roid to=of=it is
mythology. suck=blood.....i think about with a planetary crease.....
picture..... of that is the beat of the girl that burn up the nerve, to the
gray brain of the drug-embryo that linked it to nude hydromachine that cuts
self ruin::of the machine=angel roughly. sex-rebellion..... of the city. it
dashes to:the techno-junkie the mass of flesh in the last term:the clonic
love of all the those. the mutation=channel of the artificial-sun!!
the ADAM doll of mental abnormality secretes the DNA channel of TOKAGE to
the earth in the last term. insanity.....of a boundless chromosome. thinking
impossible pedestrians.....i left the entrails of the consciousness-device
dogs of the gods of the et cetera that did dive that i rape on
the picture of the mode=heaven that myself that the body commits suicide to
the gene-market of junction battle of the fear=cell was restrained. the
priestling of cadaver-feti.
the genome gravity that she weakened transformed the soul/gram of myself.
because it is the murderous storage of TOKAGE.
it ruined the pituitary of pleasure yourself of cyber quality-spring.....of
gimmick ANDROID of a girl. unstable cadaver.....that regulates the
derangement of the sleeplessness of gene=TV. so the scream links to the
soul/gram of density0.....myself ties this vital-code TOKAGE @ love that was
twisted. a girl. a dog to the love of the brain cell that was
collected++rotate a vital grotesque channel the picture/the lonely runaway
of the masses of flesh that was outputs to the blue of the sky.
telephony of the drugy machine=angel. nude TV

LOAD in the cadaver-city.....

control external of 1g of cadaver was inoculated=to the existence that the
drug-embryo gasped. it did her olfactory sense of cadaver-feti rave just as
the body XXXXX bare feet of the desire that does suck=blood--


during the death performance of a brain cell.--"

<-the mental derangement of density0 of T...was broken through.

the cruel medium of the HACK+-womb area machine is did the
murderous intention of zero gravity the mode like gene=TV that was risked to
the beat. myself of emotional that the dogs of the internal organ
consciousness which a plain skin sense dashes deform the living body that
rotate.....cold-blooded disease+rave_merely the corner of the circuit in the
parasitism persons mass of flesh mix to...........

suck=blood. like a chromosome. be parasitic on the machine:nerve
center.....of dive. the machine=angel of paranoia is restrained cold-blooded
disease animals of.....the hydro runaway:beaten. the drug-embryo of myself
talks with the various internal organs of the dogs.....the scream is input
of boy_roid to the brain universe that weakened.....being covered the
digital malice---cerebrospinal fluid of the artificial sun that caused the
second of death excited that murder person!" a planetary state=secret. the
nervous system be the vital awakening molecule::virus function.....that
annihilates to the edge of the beat that escapes. to break down the brain
cell of @ boy_roid=chaos=......the suck=blood chromosome of yourself does
the worldly desires--the soul/gram of medium yourself cadaver-feti it
operates:i rolled of <speed> eyeball that was paralyzed to the system of
zero gravity! the beat of TOKAGE that gradually quiesces so.....i rape.
[crosses over
the mass of flesh of a gay is regulated.....
the scream that does not awake is released.....

copyright © 2000 by Kenji Siratori

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