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>There are two different reasons 

what is the reason you do believe in reasons +?

>why an artist would want to
>protect one's music.  (1) The artist doesn't want one's sounds
>to appear in someone else's composition. (2) The artist wants
>to profit from each distributed copy, and therefore illegal
>copies are considered a loss financially.  These two motivations
>have different implications.
>Item #1: In the past there was nothing to stop someone from 
>making a cassette or reel-to-reel copy of an LP, but after 
>making a copy and then mixing it and making a master the quality
>wasn't good enough.  But whether the copying is analog or
>digital, there is very little one can do to technologically
>prevent copying.  The main enforcement arises from spotting
>your sounds in some else's piece and then making a complaint.

kompla!nt: ur bod! = haz ztoln 90 proznt ov _m! dna.

>Item #2:  In this case the copying doesn't have to be as high
>quality.  The enforcement does not arise from spotting your
>sounds in comeone else's piece.
>It seems that the technological solutions should be different
>for these two cases.  Although to some degree I am not sure
>that copying in the digital age is any more difficult than
>it was in the analog age.  In analog days no one expected to
>have the ability to prevent all copying.
>Linda Seltzer

1nz bod! = dze cp. 

gene eksprez!on.
m! handz = u!tr dzn urz. ! ut!l!sz ultralux.

nn. simply SUPERIOR

as per exhibit 242. all goddesses are modular.

to extend
   to suppress
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand
               to komfort
                  to destroy
      to emerge
         to colonize
            to understand

           -O 43      /  
      |             | \   |        /
                  netochka nezvanova  - volume 4 number 7
        [c]ccp 0+00 irena sabine czubera. memes pre:served
                         - kop!eren verboten :

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