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hardkod!ng +?

The king penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus feeds only at sea and must 
live off its reserves when it comes ashore to breed. We found that 
male penguins returning to their egg between three weeks before and 
ten days after it hatches bring food for the chick in their stomachs. 
This food can be preserved in the stomach for two to three weeks while the
male fasts, enabling him to feed the chick if the female's return is delayed.

zoftkod!ng +?

My young friends, it is your rights that are listed and proclaimed in this Convention. 
Today it is our duty, as adults, to make sure that you enjoy those rights --
you and your brothers and sisters all over the world. But in time it will be your duty 
to do the same for your children -- and so on down the ages. 

                                United Nations. It's YOUR World!!!
                                WE the peoples

paralela - 

Whatever we create and do, we shall pass away, 
but in you, Germany will live on 
and when  nothing is left of us you will have to hold up the banner 
which some time ago we lifted out of nothingness. (applause) 
.............And when the great columns of our movement
march victoriously through Germany today I know that you will
join these columns. And we know (applause) that Germany is 
before us, within us, and behind us.


                                United Nations. It's YOUR World!!!  [FREE - click hier]
                                WE the peoples

z!mpl! zuper!or _||- m9ndfukc++

infectuous thoughts + emotions with children.
spreading the seeds. Planting them before they dry up and die.

>          dze kat d!d - at t!mez. she l!beratd dze prote!nz 4rom greed!
> !nzektz` bod!ez.

what remains = insect shell.

dried up and empty with space inside to be inhabitated by us.



 Netochka Nezvanova   - bodies made for souls. you never actually own 01 nn 
                                                        you just take care of it
                                        4  dze  n e k s t  generaz!e. 
                           01 4rm ov touz mat!nz du monde. 

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