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[Nettime-bold] RE: Re: [music-dsp] what is SMS in audio ?

g l <>  to  "Christopher Weare" <>

>Hmm, I see what you mean.

ue = all alone

>What I was referring to, however, was 


>the hopes that 

ur zent!.m!ntz


make dzm > valuabl

>be used in conjunction with playback 

! uant 2 pla! [bak | u!th] ur genez. 

>Like a password, 


>but the difference is that the 
>watermark is embedded in the program material, whereas a 
>password is sent alongside the program.  So the watermark is 
>harder to crack.
>I agree that I don't see much use to the individual distributor 
>for a watermarking scheme that simply identifies evil 
>anarchists.  I would hope for a system that makes it so that you 
>have to be an smart evil cracker anarchist to play the stolen 
>material.  Of course some cracker may make a freeware watermark 
>destroyer.  But I'm hoping that the watermarking will be robust 
>enough to make the hassle of beating it too difficult for all 
>except those who really take it personally.
>Maybe I'm just wishin.

( wrote:

>> > Digital watermarks serve as [mostly] imperceptible computer-
>> generated
>> > tracking codes. Only useful to the issuer of the watermark, 
>> and highly
>> > undesireable for the bearer, they resemble the bracelets 
>> by
>> > criminals under house arrest.  In order to convince 
>> to begin
>> > wearing the bracelets voluntarily, corporations will attempt 
>> to create
>> > the impression of value in its absence.

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