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[Nettime-bold] January ELO/trAce chats

Here is the line up for trAce/ELO chats for January 2001.  We hope you
can join us!

Chats are on Sundays at  22:00 Rome, 21:00 London  16:00 New York 
14:00 Denver 13:00 L.A, and   08.00 Sydney (Mon)  Directions for using
the chat webboard are at the bottom of this message.
You can get more information on the schedule and archive at

----come celebrate the holidays with us:

Sunday December 24 (in trAce WebBoard)   Writers chat: Christmas Eve,
Sunday December 31 (in trAce WebBoard) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hang out with
us to ring in the new year properly!

-----January's schedule---------------------------------------
 Sunday January 7th (in trAce WebBoard)
The Last PageProgram chat--Alan Sondheim
How do we approach the book, and how do we approach reading online?
Is the book "dead"? Should we be in mourning for thebook?
Is the book still the best model for new media, and new media
How do we approach literature?

The Last Page stems out of the Book/Ends conference held this summer
in Albany, New York.

Sunday January 14 (in trAce WebBoard)
Writers chat: Join us to discuss burning issues or just hang out

Sunday January 21 (in trAce WebBoard)
  "Jumpin' at the Diner"--A Hypertext Jukebox of great web works in
Spring 2000, Riding the Meridian
 featured a "Progressive Dinner Party"--a celebration of women
creating English-language literature on
 the WWW (curated by Carolyn Guertin and Marjorie Coverley
Luesebrink). The Winter 2000 edition of
Riding the Meridian features "Jumpin' at the Diner"--A spankin' new
survey of web-work created by

Join curators  Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink and Jennifer Ley, and
commentators Jay Bolter and
Stephanie Strickland to talk about  great works and exciting
developments in new media.

Saturday January 27   Online Workshop Electronic Literature (OWEL) (in
LinguaMOO ).

This is a monthly workshop held on the fourth Saturday. We examine
works in progress and discuss
general principles for electronic writing.   We will look at Joel
Weishaus'  Inside the skull house 

Sunday January 28 (in trAce WebBoard)
Writers chat: Join us to discuss burning issues or just hang out

-------------HOW TO JOIN IN ON THE trAce

You need to sign in to the WebBoard to use the Chat at

Click on the CHAT button in the black menu (the top toolbar)

Allow the applet to load (be patient!)

Alternatively, use an IRC client such as mIRC (PC) or IRCLE (Mac)
Point your client at port 7000 and join the channel #trace.

For more information, see <>

Go to
Click on the LOG IN button on the left hand side
Type in your name at the prompt
Once in the MOO, type "@go eliterature" to get to the electronic
literature chat room.

For more information, please email

Hope to see you there!

trAce <>
Electronic Literature Organization <>

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