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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Privatisation of Government Services

As well, the government of the Province of Ontario has been on a 
track of *neo-liberal* privatisation for several years - wouldn't the 
*Walkerton Tragedy* (as it's been called) be a result of the 
weakening of the role of government in these critical social welfare 
issues? It seems to me, in this case, if the government were playing 
a stronger role it would be in its place to negate the effects of 
such *enlightened self interest*.


>  > From:  Tom Gray@MITEL on 12/21/2000 08:54 AM
>>  For those concerned with the ongoing privatisation of government 
>>services and
>>  its effect on the democratic control of such services, the following link
>>  is to a story on the current controversy in Canada on the water supply of
>>  the village
>Ok, I'll bite... what does this story have to do with privatization?  It
>seems as though the problem here was massive irresponsibility on the part of
>a particular manager, something hardly peculiar to either public or private
>institutions.  I mean, it's hardly in the financial interest of a utility
>company to poison their customers, right?
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