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[Nettime-bold] The new Link page for Genius 2000 Network


End of year announcements:

I just bought 10 Mb for my site, and I'll be putting up a lot of
photos, DV stills, a couple of wavs, a contibutions/collaboration page,
and a links page.  I've already chosen a bunch of links but if you want
to add yours send it to 

Also, I'll be doing some serious protesting at Jesse Ventura's Mansion
here in the Twin Cities this next week and a half.  If you want to fax
him your thoughts on Genius 2000, his fax number is listed on his site. 
You can also email him.  Jesse Ventura is an excellent access point for
media protest.  He's got global name recognition and has no real claim
to privacy (vis. XFL).  I met him and his son Tyrel last week at the
premier of Tyrel's new short digital movie, "Gen Lost."  I shook
Governor Ventura's hand while photos were being taken.  Tyrel has a copy
of the Shlagel CD.  Plus I only live a couple miles from the mansion,
and have already shot a protest video--"Jockbuster," the Conference 2000
winners' tape--on the street out front.  It seems to be legal so it's
useful in that regard.  They don't know or like me, but they are very

You may also want to check out or variations. 
One of them is a hijacked name used by some guy to call attention to
dangerous working conditions on the trains.  The company tried to shut
him down and failed.  Ventura gave him an award for worker advocacy. 
The maker of the site was one of the only people to stop and ask about
what I was doing.

I'm also sending out a hundred or so free Shlagel CD's.  Just a garage
band but not bad if you like that type of thing.  To request one send
your address to  US and Canada only.

As always, you can send photos, DV or vhs to me at Nickolas Herman,
P.O. Box 14443, Minneapolis, MN, 55414.  Work on paper OK, no disks or
CD's please.  

Best for a good holiday,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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