Nicholas Hermann on 21 Dec 2000 16:20:52 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] An interesting proposition from anonymous

Do you think George W. getting elected is good for Genius 2000? I think
for the first time ever, basically everybody in the country above age
12 or 
so thinks (with good reason) that he or she is smarter than the
That has to be a serious subversion of the idea of a democratic
where the truly talented rise to their proper positions while the rest
of us 
truddle along, worried about how we're going to pay our bills. This
doesn't even know what HUD stands for--did you hear him appointing the
new  director yesterday? He called it "Human Development." I think he
might be a good president for the country at this time for a couple of
reasons--it is now impossible for anybody but the most die-hard members
of the managerial class to pretend that the system has any legitimacy
(ie, elected officials, campaign organizers and members of the
mainstream media). And as W. continues to sound stupid, he will further
and further subvert the legitimacy of the system. He is a walking
Saturday Night Live skit. I think it will become easier and easier to
convince people that the only to save the planet is for everyone to
demand recognition as geniuses. After all, geniuses don't allow
themselves to be exploited by employers, geniuses don't ignore impending
environmental collapse, geniuses are too busy to participate in systems
of oppression, and they find such systems vulgar and beneath contempt. 


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