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Happy anniversary Netstrike: 1995/2000

On 21 december 1995, five years ago, we organized with Strano Network the
first global netstrike. Ideated by me and Tassio of Strano Network, the
netstrike had been promoted through web sites, BBSs and every other possible
media to protest against Mururoa nuclear experiments of the French
Government. A history of the first netstrike and of the following ones
organized in the world is now available in the netstrike web site and in the book "Netstrike, no copyright, etc.", an
anthology by Strano Network, AAA Edition, Italy, may 1996
( In that book are published (for the first
time in Italy) also texts of two of the Nettime mailing list promoters: P.
Schultz and G. Lovink.


I took undue advantage of this space to try to open a debate to clear the
deep and complex dynamics succeeded in the last quarter of century, from the
born of the so called new media to now. A long distance e-mail debate that
tries to explain and clarify -through the different messages of the mailing
list- the reasons why the network art idea should be so different according
of the space and of the people that present it.
I should be happy to pubblish in Hacker Art News the texts of everyone that
could provide historical informations about relations between art and
networks in Italy and in the world, theoretical considerations, critics and
witnesses writed by those who have personally lived them or that have
studied their evolutions and transformations.

Tommaso Tozzi

Tommaso Tozzi
Presidente Ass. Cult. "Strano Network"
Docente di "Teoria e Metodo dei Mass Media",  Accademia di Belle Arti di
Docente di "Teoria e Metodo della Sceneggiatura Multimediale", Master sulla
Multimedialita', Rai e Universita' di Firenze
Via XXIV Maggio 14 - 50129 - Firenze - Italy
Tel/Fax: 055-485996

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