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[Nettime-bold] Financial Cryptography 01 preliminary program

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From: Stuart Haber <stuart@intertrust.com>
To: fc@ifca.ai
Subject: Financial Cryptography 01 preliminary program
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	             Financial Cryptography '01

			 February 19-22, 2001
		  Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
			  Cayman Islands, BWI

FC01, the fifth international conference on financial data security and
digital commerce, will be held in on Grand Cayman Island, British West
Indies.  FC01 aims to bring together persons involved in both the
financial and data security fields to foster cooperation and exchange
of ideas.  The conference is organized by the International Financial
Cryptography Association (IFCA).

	      Preliminary List of Papers to be Presented

Off-line generation of limited-use credit card numbers
Avi Rubin and Rebecca Wright

Efficient fair-exchange with signature recovery
Olivier Markowitch and Shahrokh Saeednia

On the security of homage group authentication protocol
Eliane Jaulmes and Guillaume Poupard

A security framework for card-based systems
Yiannis Tsiounis

Copy-protected internet content distribution
Tadayoshi Kohno

Mutual authentication for low-power mobile devices
Markus Jakobsson and David Pointcheval

Fair tracing without trustees
Dennis Kugler and Holger Vogt

Amortized e-cash
Moses Liskov and Silvio Micali

Offline micropayments without trusted hardware
Matt Blaze, John Ioannidis, and Angelos Keromytis

The power of RSA inversion oracles and the security of Chaum's
RSA-based blind signature scheme
M. Bellare, C. Namprempre, D. Pointcheval, and M. Semanko

Nonmonotonicity, user interfaces, and risk assessment in certificate
revocation (Position Paper)
Ninghui Li and Joan Feigenbaum

SecureClick: A Web payment system with disposable credit card numbers
Adi Shamir

Trust: A collision of paradigms
L. Jean Camp, Helen Nissenbaum, and Cathleen McGrath

Monotone signatures
David Naccache, David Pointcheval, and Christophe Tymen

(M+1)-th price auction protocol
Hiroaki Kikuchi

Non-interactive private auctions
Olivier Baudron

Provably secure implicit certificate schemes
D. Brown, R. Gallant and S. Vanstone

Distributed computing with payout: task assignment for
financial---and strong---security
Philippe Golle and Stuart Stubblebine

Privacy for the stock market
Giovanni Di Crescenzo

Anonymity without `cryptography'
Dahlia Malkhi and Elan Pavlov

The practical problems of implementing MicroMint
Nicko van Someren

			     Rump Session

In addition to the regular conference program, a rump session will be
held on the evening of Tuesday, February 20th to provide an opportunity
for less formal presentations.  The rump session will be chaired by
Rebecca Wright of AT&T Labs.  Although the rump session will be
organized during the conference itself, advance proposals may be
submitted by email.  (Send at most one page of plain Ascii text to
Rebecca Wright at rwright@research.att.com, by midnight Eastern time on
Thursday night, February 14, 2001.)  Rump session contributions will
not appear in the conference proceedings.


An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the technical program,
with product displays, demonstrations, and presentations of a
business-oriented nature.  Scientific sessions are primarily scheduled
for the mornings and exhibition sessions for the afternoons.


Registration can be done via the web at http://fc01.ai/.  The fee for
the conference, which covers all conference materials and events
(including preproceedings, final proceedings, attendance at scientific
sessions, and breakfast and lunch each day of the conference), is:

$850 regular registration
$350 academic registration
$150 student registration

An additional $150 fee applies to registrations for which payment is
received after January 15, 2001.

A $100 discount ($50 for academic and student registrations) is
available to participants who pay their registration fee by electronic

Payment may be made by credit card, bank transfer, electronic money, or
cash.  Additionally, some local payment methods from various countries
can be accepted via Bibit Internet Billing Services.


A limited number of stipends to help defray the costs of attendance may
be available to full-time students with a paper accepted for
presentation at the conference.  If you would like to apply for a
stipend, please contact the General Chair at the email address listed


The conference will be held at the Marriott Beach Resort Grand Cayman,
and rooms have also been reserved at two nearby hotels, the Comfort
Suites and the Sleep Inn Resort.


The Marriott Beach Resort Grand Cayman is located on Seven Mile Beach.
There are two restaurants and three bars, including pool-side service.
The hotel has tennis courts and water sports services, and includes all
the standard features of a Marriott Beach Resort.  It is within walking
distance of the many restaurants and shopping attractions located on
Seven Mile Beach.

The Marriott room rate is:

This rate is based on single or double occupancy and is subject to a
10% government tax and a 10% hotel service charge.  The hotel service
charge includes bellmen and maid gratuities.  The rooms are run of the

Telephone: +1 345 949 0088
Fax: +1 345 949 3347

Please request the rate of US$299.00 for Financial Cryptography.


This is a new hotel, just open this season.  It is located right next
door to the Marriott Beach Resort, only 300 feet from the beach.  Many
room have ocean views.  The hotel offers restaurant, bar, outdoor
swimming pool, jacuzzi, water sports centre, gift shop, guest coin
laundry, dry-cleaning, car hire, fitness centre, business centre, fax,
and copier services.

Suites Blocked for Financial Cryptography 01 are:

                     Single          Double          Triple

Studio Suites         170             180             190
Deluxe Suites         185             195             205

Studio Suites: open floor plan with one queen bed, sleep sofa and
shower; can sleep 4 persons.

Deluxe Suites: open floor plan with two double beds, sleep sofa and
shower; can sleep 6 persons.

Telephone: +1 345 945 7300
Fax: +1 345 945 7400

These rates are in US$ and are subject to a 10% government tax and a
10% service charge.  They include a continental breakfast and
complimentary coffee in the bedrooms.


The Sleep Inn Resort is located about 10 minutes' walk from the
Marriott.  It is the closest hotel to downtown George Town, a 15-minute
walk along the scenic coast line.  The Sleep Inn is not located on the
beach but within easy walking distance.  There is a swimming pool, a
snack bar & grill, a dive shop and a boutique.

Single Room     120.00
Double Room     130.00

These rates are in US$ and are subject to a 10% government tax and a
10% service charge.  Breakfast is included with both rates.

Contact Josephine in reservations at the Sleep Inn.
Telephone: +1 345 949 9111
Fax: +1 345 949 6699
Email:  sleepinn@candw.ky

		  Web Sites about the Cayman Islands

The official Department of Tourism site:
The official government and weather site:
Local news and issues:
The official site for info on Financial Services:
The national airline, Cayman Airways:

All of these sites have links to various other sites of interest on the
Cayman Islands.

			   Program Committee

Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs - Research
Yair Frankel, Ecash
Matt Franklin, UC Davis
David Kravitz, Wave Systems Corp.
Arjen Lenstra, Citicorp
Philip MacKenzie, Lucent Bell Labs
Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs - Research
Jacques Stern, Ecole Normale Superieure
Kazue Sako, NEC
Stuart Stubblebine, CertCo
Paul Syverson (Chair), Naval Research Laboratory
Win Treese, Open Market, Inc.
Doug Tygar, UC Berkeley
Michael Waidner, IBM Zurich Research Lab
Moti Yung, CertCo

			 Organizing Committee

Program Chair:
Paul Syverson (syverson@itd.nrl.navy.mil)

General Chair:
Stuart Haber (stuart@intertrust.com)

Sponsorship Chair:
Barbara Fox (bfox@microsoft.com)


FC01 is sponsored by:

Bibit Internet Billing Services <http://www.bibit.com>
nCipher Corporation <http://www.ncipher.com>
InterTrust Corporation <http://www.intertrust.com>

If you are interested in sponsoring FC01, please contact the
Sponsorship Chair at the email addresses listed above.

For further information, please see the main FC01 conference web page
at http://fc01.ai/.

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