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[Nettime-bold] Re: BOUNCE Approval required:

In a message dated 17/12/00 22:36:55 GMT Standard Time, Lumpenilluminate 

<< Iam aware you are under no obligations, but why oh why did you pull the 
plug when you did thats the defining element people will be discussing 
i.e.only when one of your cronies 'bit of bombast and pseudo subject' got 
sabbed.You were running with it till they were outwitted. 
 Its all good fun though cos when this all comes out as a 'documented process 
piece'for the forthcoming book - commissioned to black hat and expose your 
ass -people will decide for themselves especially when you try to stop the 
circulation with your copyright shite too.
 Anyway thanks for the compliments and thanks especially for your disapproval.
 Laughing all the way to the bank (nettime publishing a fuckin fatwa ).
 Ludo >>

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