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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Re: for a lifetime

>isn`t my name      ?!z!eme.lecon.mp3

>am i not a student of design in cologne ? 

dze value ov !nterzktal lzet. d!t mo!.

>didn`t i nearly finish my exams ?

n ! e mehr

>do i just work on my diplomarbeit ? 

hap!l! perpetuat!ng zufer!ng +?
mo! auss! = 01 kouard.

>and didn`t i for a lifetime like to
>transform one thing in another ? 

rekur!ng temaz

>don`t i want to develop a transforming
>system ? 

ja +?

>.....does it only a one-to-one conversion 


>or does it just allow a partial
>synchronicity ? 

prakt!kl zku!nt

>does ist allow the user to make dynamical changes to
>these rules ? shouldn`t i use nato.055+ for the developement ? but do i know
>already if this is the best solution ? 


>do i sent u some greetings and do i say thank you?

242.truzt!ng teknolog!ez +?

!= u!sh 01 konzum>tearz rout!n +?
!nkomprehenz!bl + fatal lauz b4 01 paz!v + azton!shd 0

>where ..^19.g3v.sit.bin!m3n3.sit.bin!z!tron.sit.bin

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