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[Nettime-bold] [pavu.com] Double Appel Touch launched now !

dear friends and colleagues

pavu.com is pleased to announce the launch of its december Double Appel
Touch - NEGA-Mixes and plugOut double call for pastries !


# Black-Soap : http:/pavu.com/black-soap/

Black-Soapers Welcome! From now until january 31 2001, pavu.com invites you
to Soap the Board and send your NEGA-Mixes as zipped files to
Every NEGA-Mix received in the meantime will be displayed on pavu.com

NEGA-Mix ? Check those already displayed on the black-soap and welcome on

# Hewlett-Horner plugOut : http:/pavu.com/hewlett-horner/

Train with your friends and rehearse in karaoke mode to give the GNou a GNou
song of hope!
Your home-covers are welcome at hewlett-horner@pavu.com
Solos, duets, choirs are welcome!
Listen to the previously recorded ones and make your own!

Wishing you the best always

the pavu.com TEAM

Paul Dupouy - Chief Président
Jean-Philippe Halgand - Executive Directeur
Clément Thomas - Officer Général
-/ position is creation is action is tion ! /-

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