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[Nettime-bold] Works Available for Purchase: aka not sure what to get your loved ones??>>

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday


**Try these special "Dystopia + Identity"
Works Available For Purchase at Tribes Gallery


MARK AMERIKA: "phon:e:me" audio cd ($15
multiple/$100 special signed edition)

MARK AMERIKA: "How to be an Internet Artist",
limited edition signed digital print ($3,000)

BETTY BEAUMONT: "Imagining Imaging 1.0", digital
prints ($500/4-image scroll/$5,000 set of 13)

ZHAO BANDI: "Zhao Bandi + The Panda", digital
prints ($100 ea./$600 set of 6); signed edition
of 40 ($500 ea./ $4500 set of 9)

MIKE BIDLO: "FCW" xerographic print on found
text, signed ($600)

JOHN BOONE: "Self-Portrait", acrylic on canvas

Landscape #2", moss, video, cement, plastic

ANDY DECK: "Pro-Regress", MAC SE, software,
postcards, edition of 1 ($600)

RICARDO DOMINGUEZ: "Take_IT, Hacktivism to Go",
xerox tome on paper, ($500)

CHRISTOPH DRAEGER: "Oiltank", acquarium, toy
ship, water, oil ($3,300)

CHRISTOPH DRAEGER: "OEL", video dvd, edition of 5

CHRISTOPH DRAEGER: "Odysee" from "Major Oil
Spills", oil on canvas ($2,500)

CHRISTOPH DRAEGER: "Crash", video dvd, edition of
5 ($3,500)

LAURA EMRICK: "Greenhouse Effect", fern,
plastics, bolts ($400)

LAURA EMRICK: "Biosphere 1.0", crystals, rocks,
toy model, plastics ($1,300)

PETER FEND: "Bush-Gore;Division of U.S."
/"Bush-Gore; Division of N.A.", colored pencil on
board, signed($500ea/$1,000set)

PETER FEND: "Dystopia" marker on board

JOY GARNETT: "Unfriendly Skies" wall
installation, found imagery, plastic, magazines

JOY GARNETT: "Night Vision" oil on canvas

MARINA GRZINIC/AINA SMID: "Trouble w/ Sex Theory
+ History" digital prints ($50 ea/ $100 set)

EDUARDO KAC: "GFP Bunny 2000", poster 11x17 ($30
ea /$200 set of 6) (special signed edition: $100
ea /$600 set of 6)

YAEL KANAREK: "The 29th hour...", digital prints
on plexi, ($1,250 ea /$3,750 set of 3)

TINA LAPORTA: "Distance: Dystopia Mix", digital
prints, audio cd ($1,200)

JENNY MARKETOU: "Smell Picks 2000", digital print

EMIL MEMON: "1900/2000", glass, photographic
film, steel, polaroid ($5,000)

MTAA: "Attraction / Repulsion Banner (AKA
Painting To Be Hung In Your Home Or Office So
That The Artists Of MTAA Function In A Natural
State Of Misunderstanding)", spray paint on vinyl
banner ($550)

MTAA: "DYHAP End Catalog", catalog on music stand
(edition 2 of 3) ($300)

CARSTEN NICOLAI: "20' to 2000", 12 audio CD's
magnetic packaging system ($500)

EAMON O'KANE: "It Would be Nice to Hit in and
Around the Bullseye", oil on cork ($475)

ROXY PAINE: "Skumac" extruded polyethylene ($850)

WANG QINGSONG: "Night Revel of Lao Li",
computer-generated photograph ($5,000)

LEWIS STEIN: "Untitled from series of 48", 2
c-print on gator board ($1,250)

JEREMY STENGER: "(boltzman-dopler-hood)", oil on
canvas ($2,000)

ZHOU TIEHAI: "Fake Magazine Covers", ($300
ea/$600 set of 2), signed edition ($3000 ea)

GU WENDA: "Lost Dynasties", ink on rice paper
(price upon request)


all works on view at:
Tribes Gallery 
285 East Third Street, New York 
(F train to 2nd Avenue) (between ave c + d)
hours 12-6pm daily
tel: 212-674-3778

For More Information, Contact:

Cristine Wang, Director of Gallery
tel: 917-318-0081

All purchases are 100% tax-deductible

Tribes Gallery is a 501 (c)3 
non-profit organisation, 
devoted to the presentation of varied media works
of international artists

read the NY Times Review of Tribes Gallery 
by Holland Cotter:


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