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[Nettime-bold] Biography of Max Herman, 1995-2000, by Briggs Seekins of USM

From: 	<>
To:	<>
Date: 	12/17/00 12:00PM
Subject: 	announcement/promotion

I don't know much about making announcements, so you can handle that.


Briggs Seekins is an excellent poet and writer, having published
reviews, poems, and criticism in the Salt Hill Journal, the Harvard
Review, and the Birmingham Poetry Review.  He currently works at the
University of Southern Maine, where he teaches poetry and writing.  

Briggs is open to input from the general public regarding his project,
but requests that email in particular be routed through me.  I can be
reached at  Select contributors may be interviewed for
the book or may have excerpts of their on or offline work incorporated.

Max Herman
December 19, 2000

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