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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Dear Mrs.C. Herman

Terrence writes;


Nmherman@aol.com wrote:

>   Steve has no excuse, so why are you
> sticking up for him?

We all have some pride and I have to give him some room to reconsider. Why don't
you?  How do you think he feels if everyone and their mother is after him to
take up the Genius2000 cause and review the worthy First Edition?

Is Steve just doing his humble job and trying to put a meal on his plate? Every
mother in MASS will have to concider that it could be theirs. Should they push
or gently encorage? We also have to consider that we all are on the same side.
Also this video has powerfull ramifications. Steve may be in fear of the
comsiquences. He may have a fear of success. Many in his position do you know.
How do you think history got written if not for the murcureal efforts of the
great movers of art? Steve needs a little more encouragement. Does he listen to
his mother? Will Steve listen to other mothers?

> The only reason Steve won't review it is it's a no-win situation for him.  If
> he says it's bad, everyone will know he doesn't understand it or at least
> refuses to.  If he says it's good, he clears away another blockade of
> non-museum-sanctioned art.  He undermines his own authority.

He has the Authority to change his mind.

> I don't expect Steve to review it; I expect him to wait and just hope it all
> blows over quick so he can get back to curation as usual.

Is writing reviews in his job description? Does he do this for every art project
that crosses his desk?


>  Perhaps he
> isn't qualified to curate or evaluate my work.  In that case, he should admit
> it and get out of the way.

Yes perhaps so. I nor others are really qualified to do it ether, and maybe he
has already exercised that option. Maybe only his mother will tell.

cc. Mrs.Dietz


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