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[Nettime-bold] 360degrees

360degrees=site+ identity

     now has its own domain @

360degrees=site+ identity
                     is looking for proposals from internet based
and writers for its next launch in march 2001.

                   the initial project was launched as part of the
MAAP 2000 festival and featured Linda Carroli, Joseph Nechvatal, Fred
Biggar, Jason Sweeney, Jogchem Niemandsverdriet and Megan Jones.

if you are interested,
        check out the site for more information.


porculus wrote:

> > suited lying naked, prone and passive on a rag on the cold floor, just
> > crying out for Professors of Art Design and Media to stomp on them?
> >
> > Wayne Myers 15/12/2000
> Hiya,
> jolly reversal of situation wayne, what a nice hand stitched email ! and plus
> to shield each other with his/her body is gentle war, haa liege women and men
> are the vivid spirit of art and monarchy, their emails just degrades the queen
> ! ask for ordeal, and believe me god recognized her owns, i am by your side
> wayne, er but i, if one walk on us we would have to cry 'god save the queen
> !' have to be stronger than us
> welcome to our side wayne !
> Later !
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