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sektor deux sektie a+b - sponsored by generous meme infusions of
                         the magyar ministry of proteomics m9ndfzzp


        inoculate -
        inoculate -
        inoculate -

cycling74 serf + thief gregory taylor gesticulated - "the estimable"
cycling74 serf + thief gregory taylor gesticulated - "the estimable james mccartney"

>From: Les Stuck <>
>   nn sagt:
>>        splendid receptors have identified YOU
>>        as one pack of hyenas operating in koncert
>>        towards the elimination of superior memes
>not true.

frogs don't feel pain - as a  p.n.a.s subscriber you should know this.

"the estimable"

>What do I have to do to do the following (with so many "do"s that
>could´ve been a song title): Let´s say I have a simple Metronome ticking
>away, using a Clocker, and a slider into the Clocker to control the
>tempo. Now, what I would like is when I change the tempo using the
>slider I want 

you - are very very verdi + literary deleuze

>a gradual change (defined by some other object, for
>example in (milli)seconds) from the old tempo to the new
>there an easy way to do this?

- this konfirmation of your konforming estimable iq
deserves a note of admiration [deleuze]

it is no wonder 2 me is it - cycling74 serfs regard you as intelligent.
for you an excellent serf constitute too. 
to make matters worse i have been wounded by. and i should know 

cycling74 is known. for the simply [!n]SUPERIOR quality of its employees +
its romantic verbiage. lets read.   -  I UANT 2. I UANT U 2 2. 

        nn - exquisite suite 4 solo cello - t!ped

       "you understand ..."

        david zicarelli - cycling74 owner - responds

        "That's bullshit"                     [loading truth table: vokabulary correlates
                                                80 percent with general intelligence]

        nn - check   [as 01 d.zicarelli.z blood pressure escalates +


        Hope                                -
                       Gentek Food

        fragrant volat!l v!oletz "

                                                             - having just perused
                                                               the beginning of a l l this.
                                                               i have been ever lovely.
                                                               and sacrifices made i have.
                                                               maintenant - 

a+b. KL!!K AFTER ME!!!!!!!

        inoculate -
        inoculate -
        inoculate -

>"Silence is so accurate."
>            -Mark Rothko

noise  - the singular source of new \ l \ only errors.
errors - mark of the higher organism \ assuming 
                                       selection - the singular source of sanitation \
                                                 + most prominent proposal in this eksper!mntl
                                                 k a t e g o r ! e - isnt that so so it is.


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!Øn.     


Netochka Nezvanova     - SUPORT-VEkTOR-MASKIN - ISBN: 0140444556 
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

et ____.. 


Hello Integer

It's the first time I come to write to you. Maybe it's
the first time I understand the entire content of your
mail :-)

Even if you wrote tons of unreadable emails, let me
tell you I love your myzterious senzeless wordz for
my understand!ng ;-)

                   smile - i tell 2 you

                           m! senzeless wordz = advert!sz m! !ntel!gensz.
                           atrakt matez + bfr!end dze maharajaz. 

                           = !t 01 reklama ja. z!ngl female zeek!ng 
                           01 avec 01 membank ov 47k+ uzelesz z!non!mz

01 odr

>...can you tell me, do you wish to continue any correspondence with me
>in the future? Or do you really think of me as just another comical
>marionette model-citizen fascist? 

op!n!e = du 0+1 luvl! perzonaj 
reku!r!ng nurtur.

>I can't really tell ever, 

! uant u 2

>whether you
>are talking about people in general or me ultra-specifically. 

du = dze zntr ov m! ultra-specific uorld.

>I mean, if
>you think I'm a particularly offensive jerk, 

de la muz!kue avant toute choze.
muz!kue aprez la l!teratur

>then there's not much point
>in me sending you e-mail, is there?

dze v!z!bl + zubtle zement un!t!ng real objektz
2 dze eczkluz!on ov all odrz +?

         klik -!on/ov/all/odrz

                           = !t 01 reklama ja. z!ngl female zeek!ng 
                           01 avec 01 ov 47k+ uzelesz z!non!mz 
                           4 ________...


>in the end, just a tiny reminder:
>forget your bullshit 

hallo mak!avel!
                                               [loading truth table: v k b l r  correlates
                                                80 percent with general intelligence]

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