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[Nettime-bold] nettime censorship

Could you advise all subscribers why you have chosen to censor the 
protest=profit thread, evidenced by all recent contributions -after your 
publishing of our fatwa- being suppressed.
In such cases shouldn't you advise subscribers of your decisions to limit the 
freedom of expression contributors may exorcise ? as a failure to do so 
simply amounts to misrepresentation (using as it does the royal prerogative 
of not responding or engaging in debate but simply misinforming and 
re-contextualising i.e. colluding with the idea that there is no longer any 
debate re - this item ).
Is it simply because its not going your way in that it exposes the abject 
poverty of your pseudo-revolutionary pose,or perhaps youre a little 
embarrassed that you didn't spot the fact that you'd unwittingly allowed a 
fatwa to be published (the text The Workers Are Free Activists i.e 
This in and of itself is a fascinating act for a site aspiring to examine 
culture and art -direct 

Ludo (minister of information for the lumpen illuminates)..

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