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>I would like to thank Simon Penny for his piece on Alexander Brandt's
>work at ISEA, and I would like to undescore all that Rachel Schreiber
>said in her thoughtful response. Though I was not at ISEA i followed the
>meeting of Faces there with interest. 
>Indeed cyber- and other forms of feminism are not dead though they are
>often silenced and marginalized by official festivals (even though these
>festivals often represent themselves as being cutting edge, avantgarde,
>or activist). As Next Sex at ARS clearly showed, and ISEA corroborated,
>there is an urgent need for cyberfeminist organizing, critique,
>intervention, and for proactive work which does not always have to take
>the form of protesting the depredations that occur every day. I am glad
>Simon Penny voiced his honest indignation. 
>We need so many more voices to speak and act up.
>in solidarity, Faith Wilding 

`We need so many more voices to speak and act up` 


`in solidarity. Faith Wilding` 

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