Eduardo Verillo on 15 Dec 2000 07:33:23 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] AnimaMundi - Brasil

I donīt know if this is realy important
to this mail list, but itīs a cool thing...

The AnimaMundi is a animation festival
here in Brasil, and theiīve launched
a website with a lot of cool flash and
.gif animations...  not boring animations
but something that has something to say...
here is the URL:

Some foreign people thinks that here there is
just monkeys  and bananas...  this is not true,
there is a lot of technology and culture here,
and Iīm vary glad to help if you want to know
something more from Brasil !

Thanx and I hope you enjoy it !


PS: Sorry about my english  mistakes, I donīt
speak english very well !

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