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[Nettime-bold] encryption, free software, west bank

"The real civic obligation is to use free software. That's correct."

"We should be living in an environment in which the recognition is that the
building of the public infrastructure allows us to render connection as
completely and obviously a personal right as driving on the street or
walking in the park or drinking the water or breathing the air."
interview with Eben Moglen

"I made a proposal to the Israeli government a year ago that went like this:
Take every computer that you threw away in the state last year, just the
ones you scrapped, and put free software on them. They are now the routers,
bridges, switches and e-mail servers for an entire free broadband network
for all of Israel. The only thing you don't have is the cable. But you have
required annual military reserve duty. Take one cycle and say everybody not
performing militarily essential service is laying fiber, for one year. You
are now finished. Free software, scrapped computers, one year of conscript
labor, and the physical cost of the fiber and you're done. You have a
broadband network in a little, demographically concentrated country with a
highly educated population, and when I talk about building a network I mean
on the West Bank and Gaza too, and then you say this is a gift. We're
leaving this here. This is a little bit of what we need to do - two states,
one network. And you know what, nobody will ever bomb that network, tear it
up or throw it away, because that's how, if you're in Gaza or the West Bank,
you get out to the world. That's how you free the people you have been
chaining up all these years."

"What I saw in the Xerox PARC technology was the caveman interface, you
point and you grunt. A massive winding down, regressing away from language,
in order to address the technological nervousness of the user."

"I use Xwindows every day on my free-software PCs; I have nothing against a
windowing environment, but it's a windowing environment which is .. based ar
ound the fact that inside every window there's some dialogue to have with
some linguistic entity."

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