Nicholas Hermann on 13 Dec 2000 18:39:14 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] The Millennium Hut and its Critics

From: 	Nicholas Hermann
Date: 	12/13/00 12:05PM
Subject: 	The Millennium Hut drawing


Dear Mr. Blanski:

I was wondering if you had gotten a chance yet to look at Lance Kempf's
and my drawing of the Millennium Hut.  Ralph said he was going to look
it over this past weekend but I haven't had a chance to touch base with
him yet.  Did you discuss it at all during your lunch last Friday?

The idea behind the hut is to provide an alternative to the
prohibitively expensive Millennium Dome.  The Hut can be built easily
with local labor and standard materials, thus making it a viable option
for communities wishing to commemorate the millennium in a usable

The Millennium Hut is a simple round structure with two perpendicular
hallways running the length of the space.  Along the hallways, facing
inward, will be twenty monitors for showing internet and video art and
twenty doors to provide a simple and unpredictable set of paths within
the space.  

I have had quite a lot of interest in this design from other internet
artists and designers, and would love to hear your feedback.  (I think
some of the conceptual and geometric themes you noticed in the London
Eye are incorporated into the Hut, albeit under far greater budgetary
and engineering constraints.)

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

Max Herman
HGA Office Services 




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