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[Nettime-bold] The Last 18 Days of the Twentieth Century


I think by now everyone knows what it means to contribute and belong to the 
Genius 2000 Network.  Rest assured, your efforts will neither be in vain nor 
go unpaid in hard currency.  After the Network is published in book form next 
year, many grants and fellowships will be available.  Contributing to the 
Network now is the best way to be a part of the financially rewarding future.

The new page for this end-phase of Genius 2000 is online at 
News and developments will be posted there.  Also you may use regular email.

How you choose to contribute to the Network is up to you.  Use your 
creativity.  Don't wait for the Big People to say it's great art before you 
jump on the bandwagon.  Be a part of it now, and reap great abundance later.

Contributions must be unplagiarized and public.  You must come freely to the 
network with no hesitation.  There is simply no time left for protracted 
negotiations.  After January 1, your ability to get in on the ground floor 
will be virtually nil.  

I'll tell you more about what you can do in the coming weeks.  Try to keep 
up, and don't be a follower--be a leader!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Mothers Against Steve's Silence


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