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Dear friends,

"mailghetto" is an unregular posting of different 
people's subjective opinions on culture and politics. 
All "mailghetto" texts can be reprinted, translated 
and published without author's permission. The
previous issues and various materials on Russian 
leftist culture and politics can be found at:

If you want to get subscribed to the list, please 
automatically reply to this message.

If you have any questions or want 
to receive a russian-speaking version of the list, 
please e-mail:

Oleg Kireev

Last issues: mailghetto # 28 on Russian net legislation
mailghetto # 29 P.P.Pasolini's death anniversary
Issues to come: mailghetto # 30 "Against all "P" edition;
mailghetto # 31 electoral technologies in deep Russia

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