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Eryk Salvaggio <>

>The exchange between artist to audience is as valid as that 
>which is more tangible: The transfer of a product or a service. 
>An artisan creating any such product must adapt to the 
>market of the economy for that good or service; therefore, 
>the artisan should not be expected to survive by simply giving
>away his product or skill.
>We may now ask the question: Why is free, when its 
>creators are not without needs for food, clothing, shelter, 
>medicine, warmth, or comfort? 
>The reality is this: the internet grows more and more commercial
>every day, and with it comes the necessity for commercial wealth:
>isps cost money, domain registration costs money. Servers cost 
>money, cable modems cost money, scanners cost money. Increased
>traffic brings about increased fees. All of this is set aside
>by the artist for the simple goal of creating an environment 
>for this audience to experience _free and accessible_ artwork
>at no cost to the viewer. Internet Art is merely an extremely 
>expensive gift. 
>The reward for this is of course equal to that which is demanded.
>I have spent five years as an original member of a community and
>as a founding artist of the form now known as internet art. [Yes,
>its true: was founded in 1997; I have projects which 
>date to 1996.]
>In that period, artists have questioned how to survive through 
>the work, to make a meager set of earnings so that we may 
>continue to do the work. I have often criticized these attempts 
>because they paid too much heed to institutions which existed. 
>The discussion was not, "How do we survive?" but "How do we as 
>artists get credibility, academic interest, museum attention?" 
>That has come: Now, a handful of founding artists are getting 
>paid. They are, unfortunately, not getting paid for their work, 
>but rather, paid for the presentation of their work, and even 
>this is a meager compensation for the amount of people who see 
>the work on a daily basis. 
>We have created a situation where the collective work is valued 
>at zero. There is an abundance of material on the web simply 
>because it cannot exist without the web. Its creation already 
>implies its distribution.
>This network has created a new set of institutions which thrive
>on the work that we are creating for free or at cost: The
>Whitney Biennial, Rhizome, Doors Of Perception, Nettime, 
>to name a few. The Webbies, The Walker, SFMOMA. 
>What are these institutions created on? The answer is startling:
>The mud-solid backs of the artists who support them as
> is now no longer public. While certain links are 
>maintained, these will be slowly removed over the course of the
>month until the server is completely empty on New Years Day,
>>From that point on, certain work which has already been donated
>to will exist in its artbase. These are the last 
>donations I can afford to make. 
>The future is this: 
> will produce original works of art exclusively for 
>The price for all works will be set at $200.00 and consist of
>what is sufficiently "a piece" by the artist; usually running
>from 1 to 5 pages of html. 
> will subtract $50.00 for those who will host the work
>on a public server for the duration of at least 1 year without 
>advertisements. It will subtract an additional $50.00 from those 
>who are private collectors of the artwork. If a work is purchased
>by a museum or art gallery, the above is mandatory for the 
>original price of $200.00. Fellow internet artists which I 
>determine are of essential caliber who agree to host the work 
>on their sites are eligible to pay only $75.00. In all cases, 
>credit must be given to the artist and all work must be unaltered 
>unless by special, documented proof of consent from the artist. 
>The work will be sent via cd-rom with signature in a time 
>allotted via personal dictates between the artist and the
>$200.00 starting
>$150.00 if consumer provides ad-free hosting of work with credit 
>for minimum of 1 year.
>$100.00 if consumer is private collector. 
> $75.00 if consumer is fellow net.artist with own domain, isp, 
>and work online for a period of at least 1 year, who agrees to 
>host work on server for a period of at least 1 year.
>Additionally, CD-ROMS of in its current incarnation 
>will be made available for a cost of $500.00. Anyone 
>commissioning a new work will receive this volume complimentary 
>to their original art.
>Questions may be addressed to
>Free Public Art with no compensation to the artist is a form of 
>bondage. This is not a matter of copyright; nor is it against the
>free exchange of ideas. It is a blow against the exploitation of
>the idea-makers by the idea users, a strike against the rampant 
>exploitation of creativity. This is my extended refusal.


apropoz. ur koztz = bondage auss!.
= ud ztart at $500 m!n. = dze lo.tekk pozer
mar!onetz !nfezt!ng d!esz lo.tekk forumz
part!kulrl! dze !mbez!l!k art kr!t!kx +
gov \ m!l \ korporat zubz!d!szd kret!nz = shl muzt hav 2 pa!. 


all korporat mar!onetz \ emplo!kx = 01 zttz target - ! l!ke dzat.


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     

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